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Profiled by the New York Metro, named a Gothamist “Band of the Week” and New York City “must see” band by L Magazine, The Mugs have gained an ever-growing local following. “This Brooklyn-based four-piece have earned a reputation as one of New York’s best live bands,” said The Futurist, Independent blog of Cincinnati’s “A quick listen to this session should solidify that for anybody who is new to them.” The Mugs have also caught the ears of DJs at KEXP in Seattle, which recently chose Mugs song “Could It Be” as a “Song of the Day.”

npr-logo1NPR “Favorite Sessions” – The Mugs: Soul-Flecked Indie Pop
“They’re totally independent, with a sound that’s hard to tie down, and they’re a pleasure to work with in a live setting. They mix together pop, R&B, ska and even a little hip-hop, while incorporating horns and layered vocals.”

metro-logo – Metro Featured Write-up, “Mugs and Mallets“, August 2007

spin-logo1Featured in SPIN magazine

kexp-logoKEXP’s “Song of the Day”: The Mugs’ “Could It Be”, 11/6/08
Chosen by Morning Show host John Richards

“Combining the melodic cynicism of groups like eels and Ammonia with a touch of funk and modern indie production, The Mugs are delivering the best of both worlds to an audience trapped in the past yet ready for the future.” – KEXP

“Could it Be” selected for KEXP’s Music That Matters, Vol. 122 (link to iTunes)

“If there’s any justice, they’ll be a very popular band in the near future because they’re just great… They really represent what we’re doing here in New York.” – KEXP Seattle via Gigantic Studios in New York

brooklynvegan_logo“Beloved” – BrooklynVegan

gothamist-logo1Gothamist Band of the Week: The Mugs

“Their songs remind us of a young R.E.M. with their pointed yet gentle power pop tunes that find a way to latch onto your brain.” –Jeff Baum, Gothamist

“Instantly impressed with their sound.” –Jeff Baum, Gothamist

cmj08-logoParticipant in CMJ Music Festival 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008

lmag-logoSeven NYC Bands You Need to Hear (2006) – L Magazine

“glossy, impeccable pop” – L Magazine

“If you’re in the mood for alternative rock, with great melody and ditto rhythm sections, you gotta check these promising songwriters out.” – Charivarious

“Great sound.” – Metromix New York

“There is a moment about halfway through “Sinister Six,” the opening cut on The Mugs‘ Here Tomorrow (2007), when vocalist Jeremy Gough shouts a curt “Pick it up!” just before the downbeat. It’s one of those little quirks that give a record its uniqueness, and this second full-length from the Brooklyn quartet has plenty of them. I almost couldn’t believe how good this was during my first sit-through with it, an album whose intelligence and execution belie its self-produced nature. Descriptors for the music are on a song-by-song basis, as The Mugs move from organic electronic mood pieces (”Asleep All Day”) to pastoral pop (”Clovers & Wine”) to dazzling instrumental soundscapes (”Hindsight 2012″) to straightforward Brit-pop (”Grey Cat Row”) to spacious acoustic dirges (the Neil Young-ish “Indian God”). It’s pretty heady stuff, but here’s the thing: miraculously, there isn’t a misstep to be found. There are no tired forays into trendy garage rock, no overextended instrumental showcases, no excessive overdubs of “exotic” instruments; just eleven songs that cohere naturally into a singular, glorious statement. By the time I got to the folksy sing-along of the closing title track, I was ecstatic. And as if to keep my heart swooning, and the band is releasing Here Tomorrow on vinyl as well. Most definitely a band to watch for, and well-deserving of all praise heaped upon them as a result of this album’s success.” – Floodwatch

“I love the Mugs.” – WPRB, the oldest college FM radio station in the U.S (link to article)

Recommended by indieWIRE

“This Brooklyn-based 4-piece have earned a reputation as one of New York’s best live bands. A quick listen to this session should solidify that for anybody who is new to them.” –The Futurist, Independent blog of (link to article)

Played by 88.1, WKNC fm Raleigh (link to playlist)

“Local indie rock gems” – Paper magazine

In discussing Ravel Day EP: “One of the most compelling records our staff has heard in 2008.” – Chictini (link to article)

in discussing Here Tomorrow:  “Eleven songs that cohere naturally into a singular, glorious statement.” –Floodwatch

“The Mugs sound like their influences – Neil Young, Radiohead, and the Smiths.  Catchy dancability as well as dreamy indie rock are intertwined with Thom Yorke-ish like lyrics.” –Fresh Bread

Artist Information

The Mugs are a DIY 4-piece rock band from Brooklyn, NY.  Drawing comparisons to REM, Neutral Milk Hotel, and The Stone Roses, The Mugs have self-released 3 albums (2LPs and 1 EP), played shows around the country on self-booked tours, and built their own recording studio in a warehouse.

In February 2005, The Mugs self-released their first full-length album, Paper Scissors Rock, on their own label, SkinnyFat Records.

In May 2006, The Mugs were asked to be a part of the KEXP ( live “in -studio” performances at Gigantic Studios in New York City. After the band performed, John Richards of KEXP had this to say on the KEXP blog:

“[The Mugs] came into the studio today and blew everyone away… [T]his band should be one of those that are on every radio station in the country. If you’re looking for that band that when you play all your friends turn to you and ask “who IS this?” this is the one.”

The Mugs perform at venues throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan, including Union Hall, Southpaw, and Magnetic Field (RIP), as well as Rockwood Music Hall, Mercury Lounge, and Fontanas.

In an interview with the Gothamist, Rob Sacher, owner of the Luna Lounge, named The Mugs as one of his favorite bands currently playing in New York: “The Mugs are just brilliant…Great songwriters. Great Vibe. Great, great rhythm section.”

L Magazine named The Mugs 1 of 7 “must see” bands of New York City. They also had this to say:

“Do you remember college rock? It came around a few years before indie rock, and it was played by bands like R.E.M. and Camper Van Beethoven. It was, if you were of the appropriate age, the kind of stuff you stole from your older siblings – on cassette. We bring this up because like all great things, it’s making a comeback. With their straightforward, upbeat pop songs, NYC’s The Mugs offer a glimpse of the greatness we could once again have in store.” (July 8th)

The Mugs completed a self-booked tour across the States (from coast to coast), which included live radio performances at KHUM (Ferndale, CA) and KEXP (Seattle), and shows at such great venues as the Hide Out (Chicago), Hotal Utah (San Fran), Sunset Tavern (Seattle), and Schubas (Chicago).

The group spent the winter months recording their second full-length album, Here Tomorrow.  It was released on August 28, 2007, and in addition to writing and performing the material, The Mugs recorded, produced, and released it on their own label.

sonicbids-logo(link to profile)

Band Camp (link)

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