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Gracias now available

our new record, Gracias, is now available at Music Matters here in brooklyn, or via your not-so-local online merchant such as iTunes. we did it a little different with this one, and our album is on a usb drive. that way, you can share it even easier. it’s also reusable. don’t like the music? guess […]

Area Band Breaks Performance Drought!

Friday. 9/4 @ The Bell House New songs!

2008-12-30: NYEE Edition, the 4th

Celebrating New Years Eve Eve once again proved to be a fine idea. This year, the annual festivus featured the usual snacks, spirits, improvised sounds, spray paint and good company; and, was made all the more sweet by (not one, but) two reunions: First, Mugs founder (and new father) Ben Small was in town from […]

more studio fun

As previously mentioned in the “good stuff happening” post, we are mining the studio hard-drives for choice morsels of sound; these morsels are then moved to our studio archive where everyone is welcome to explore, listen, and/or collaborate. 2008-02-29_Part1 (37:43) – Grubles : a supergroup (in their eyes…) Grubles is an example of what’s great about having our own […]

good stuff happening

First, some light reading music: 2006-01-28 – 70’s Theme Added a new category to the links – kemosabes. As may seem somewhat evident from the title, these are musical extensions of The Mugs friends/family. Chocopine has just started playing out in this fair city (and doing a mighty fine job at it too). Their shows […]

mugs oven t-shirt

you can pick up one of these mugs oven t-shirts by heading over to our buy page and clicking some buttons (nick moy available separately). in other news, our new ep is now mastered.  we are now in packaging (brought to you by our packaging expert, brett tieman, see example below, photo by sam horine).  […]

doppler vs f.trainer


in case you missed it, this is what we did for mother’s day last year: happy mother’s day

studio view

while we record…

studio view

while we mix…

our microphones work

we’ve been giving our microphones and pre-amps a workout over the past few weeks. there is a lot of material going around. and about an EP’s worth is getting recorded, and re-recorded. and then re-re-recorded. and we’re having fun. and it looks like the EP will appear sometime this summer. here is a snippet from […]

we put it on wax

because we wanted to provide our latest album in the highest of fidelity, we decided to put our new album, Here Tomorrow, on 180 grams of america’s finest vinyl. you can order your own copy on our merch page, or you can click the paypal link below: this was a limited run of 500, and […]

we went to woxy

last tuesday we had the pleasure of visiting and performing at woxy (located in cincinnati, ohio). just before we left, they handed us a burned disc with our performance on it, and we figured we’d put it up so you could enjoy the show anytime you wanted. so here you go… the mugs @ woxy […]

Listen to "Here Tomorrow" Now!

Well, we’re a couple days behind schedule getting this posted up here, but we finally figured out how to get it working. Enjoy! Get the Flash Player to listen to this album. The album will be officially sent off into the world at our release show at Union Hall on Saturday, and will be available […]

two new songs are up

so we put two songs from the new album up on our myspace page.  we had the songs arm-wrestle over the weekend, and the songs “lady liberty” and “woman opens man” reigned victorious.  enjoy.

how was your weekend?

it has been a while since i wrote a marathon session of a post, and there is no better time to write a wrap-up than in the splendor. having returned home from a brooklyn cookout of the house of a true brooklyn family, i figured it was the right time to do what i have […]

Yeah Country2

Here are some election day treats: The Mugs @ KEXP (10.12.06) -> Broken Signals, Frank, Lady Liberty, Arizona [You’ll notice the file is hosted on our friends’, the Putrid Flowers, web site; make sure to check out the rest of their site for more rock classics (and some NYC history).] and Seattle->NYC Slideshow -> NYC […]

day free of labor

here is a new track i put together, and it is the first one i did with samples. my brother, todd, and i found these two cases full of 45’s on the street about 2 years ago, and they are now getting put to some good use. i’m going to get better at this, but […]

asleep all day

now that i stopped “working” so much, i got some time to put some ideas down. after a few frustrating trials, i got something together that i was excited to play for the group. jeremy put some vocals down on it, and i tried a few new things in terms of tracking. nick brought in […]

borrow a drum machine

my cousin owns the Dr. Groove DR-202 boss drum machine, and i have wanted to borrow it for a while. so i traded him the fugs “second album” for it. i tinkered around with it for a while (haven’t figured out how to incorporate the roll function yet) and came up with a little track […]

KEXP In-studio

You can download our performance from the KEXP showcase from iTunes for free. Search for “KEXP” in the iTunes store, click on “KEXP Live Performances Podcast”, and you’ll find it. Or grab it here. Many thanks to KEXP for being a great radio station and a supporter of what The Mugs are up to. When […]